Italian style making the difference

ZEN Shoes stands for quality, continuity in tradition and an open mind to innovation. It owes its success to the Italian DNA of a single great team of professionals who work every day to create current-day solutions in terms of style, shapes and materials.

Italian know-how is combined with the selection of Italian suppliers, materials in line with the directives of compliance, stylists and designers also entirely Italian, expressing not just a design, but a lifestyle. All of this represents Italian Fashion for ZEN Shoes: Italian shoes made with craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, experience and reliability also where European production centres are concerned, with which the company forges strong, long-term partnerships.

ZEN Shoes is an Italian story which started in 1988 marked with growth, results and plenty of footwear.

The presence of an internal manual conveyor and a pattern shop, a logistics centre and quality control which maintains constant dialogue with external laboratories are the pillars on which the company relies to achieve better and better levels of quality in its footwear.


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