The added value of ZEN Shoes

Functional design, comfort and made to last: the ZEN Age are shoes designed for the well-being of your foot. Through constant development, in depth know-how, relentless pursuit of new hides and materials and advanced collaboration in the research field, Sant Luis Calzature continues to look ahead and devise new solutions for your shoes.

ZEN Age is indeed the soul of Sant Luis: synonymous with naturalness, Italian fashion and craftsmanship emphasised by hand-stitching. Each season, the elegant refinement of techniques and design gives new life to even the most classic footwear, because the new style dictates are always oriented towards made-to-last comfort.

ZEN Age has always been committed to maintaining and developing a wide range of shoes to satisfy the demands of men and women looking for light, comfortable footwear, because personal wellbeing cannot be separated from the wellbeing of your feet.


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